The official video for the 2021 RPGI SOF multigun match hosted at Element Training Complex.

AGC Home Defense Carbine 2.0

AGC's Home Defense Carbine 2.0 class in North Little Rock on Saturday August 17th 2019. The class is designed to teach participants shooting fundamentals while moving and behind cover.

2019 Camp Robinson TAG Match

Soldiers train and compete during The 2019 Adjutant General’s (TAG) Match at The Robinson Maneuver Training Center, North Little Rock on Wednesday , August 7th 2019.

Pulaski County Active Shooter Drill

Local agencies and volunteers participate in an active aggressor joint exercise with fragmented response and improvised explosive devices at Wilbur D. Mills High School on Thursday, July 25th, 2019.

Good Earth Garden Center Potting Class

A view of the house plant potting class hosted my The Good Earth Garden Center on August 9th 2019 in Little Rock.